Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New York - Who needs repeat custom?

In my short time spent in New York, NY, I noticed a lot of odd things, many of which were the way they did "business" around there parts.

I liked the spicy hotdog ploy because it was at the very least quite sneaky, subtle and clever, However my encounter with the rapper 5mics in Times Square was a great example of why you don't always have to be subtle, you can just...bully people into buying your stuff.

America is a large country with a large (in many ways) population, point being that there are SO many people that to a certain extent you can just forget about repeat custom as being an issue, as long as there are enough people who will buy off you once, especially if operating on a small scale. Times Sq is a great example of this, Mr 5mics stands there all day "selling" his CD, by intimidating probably exclusively tourists/idiots(me)/people that don't like the idea of gang beatings, but so many people pass through there each day that will never return, whether they buy anything off him again is immaterial. Consider this if he gets 3 people an hour to pay his recommended retail price of 20 dollars..that's 60 dollars an hour ($480 if he worked 9 to 5...115,200 if he works the average working yr in hrs), and considering his cds are home made and printed I would guess his only overheads are paying his "crew" to be near by.

I think I'm going to start a rap group...anyone in?

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jedimasterbooboo said...

SO what happened? How did he do it, waiting for detail, quite a juicy story.