Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shwarzenegger school of economics

Understanding that you would believe me when I put this quote up I have also included a video for your viewing pleasure

Thursday, October 9, 2008

On the subject of pharmacies...

At the moment there are circa 1500 pharmacies around Ireland, and if you were to take a stroll around any mid sized town in the country I can guarantee with a certain degree of safety that you will see at least four pharmacies there, I would know, I have done it.

Abbeyfeale, Newcastle west, Castlecomer, Douglas... all areas that I have never heard of in my life (until recently) and all of them with four pharmacies.
The weirdest bit about it is that they often locate very close to one another, within a literal stones throw.

Apart from establishments that sell another type of drug... pubs, there is no other category of shop that have such a presence (could you imagine there being four barbers in one village?), I suppose the fact that four pharmacies can co-exist in a one horse town points to the fact that they are obviously making huge profits, if not it would be safe to say that they wouldn't be there. As I found out recently pharmacists are most certainly not in the business for the love of the patients.

On a quest to cut back on Health care expenditure the Irish government have tried to cut down the amount they pay to pharmacists for dispensing drugs to those with medical cards, and as soon as they announced this proposal, which to be honest would help the country in many ways, the pharmacists went into a state of rebellion, according to them this was grossly "unfair".

Well a group of pharmacists took the Health department to the high court over this... and by some absurd oddity won the case... so it looks like the government wont be making those savings after all... And whats more is allows this ridiculous extortionate situation to continue.

Some time soon I hope that the "four pharmacies to each village" situation will be broken, I hope that pharmacists begin to make normal profits, and the industry becomes as competitive and fair as any other.

Rant over

Friday, October 3, 2008

Dell and some "Cop on"

Well today is a very momentous occasion, today saw the arrival of my first new laptop since my first ever computer that I got allll those years ago (3) for the start of college. At less than half the price, but more than twice the power, I am a happy man and it now means that I can lay my old computer to rest in the laptop graveyard... its been sick for quite some time now.

What I couldnt help noticing is how stylish my new computer is in comparitive terms to my old Dell, I mean look at the picture above, makes you jealous... right... (probably not). My old dell purchased in 2005 looked like laptops did in 1985, and I would attribute most of that to the fact that until relatively recently Dell didn't consider itself to have much competition.
... Well the other companies caught up and soon surpassed poor old Dell on design, and even price, but now through some inivative (copying of) design (from apple) development and quick "copping on" Dell have managed to come up with some great machines, with fun features such as coloured panelling general sleek design and I now have a laptop I can be proud of...