Friday, October 3, 2008

Dell and some "Cop on"

Well today is a very momentous occasion, today saw the arrival of my first new laptop since my first ever computer that I got allll those years ago (3) for the start of college. At less than half the price, but more than twice the power, I am a happy man and it now means that I can lay my old computer to rest in the laptop graveyard... its been sick for quite some time now.

What I couldnt help noticing is how stylish my new computer is in comparitive terms to my old Dell, I mean look at the picture above, makes you jealous... right... (probably not). My old dell purchased in 2005 looked like laptops did in 1985, and I would attribute most of that to the fact that until relatively recently Dell didn't consider itself to have much competition.
... Well the other companies caught up and soon surpassed poor old Dell on design, and even price, but now through some inivative (copying of) design (from apple) development and quick "copping on" Dell have managed to come up with some great machines, with fun features such as coloured panelling general sleek design and I now have a laptop I can be proud of...


Rowan Manahan said...

And does this computer-to-be-proud-of run (or should I say crawl) on MS Vista?

My shiny blue Dell which I got so I could deal with Office 2007 files from clients is and unqualified disaster. Not, I am sure, through any failing of Michael D's minions, but rather I find myself wasting immense amounts of working time staring at the spinny blue wheel thing.

ed said...

Well it does run on vista, which in a way is a nice visual treat BUT being a person who has learned how to use powerpoint and excel I must say that I am a bit peeved that I will have to learn how to use them again, cus to be honest the new versions are a LITTLE bit silly and feel like a whole new program rahter than a new prgression!

lolita said...

So what colour did you go for Ed?

ed said...

Well I went for the lovely brown one on the top row there, I must say it is a nice dark brown too, so now I can use my laptop, eat chocolate and drink coffee without clashing colours, a fact which Im sure you could a appreciate!

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