Saturday, July 14, 2007

Exercise your Power

My grandfather used to love gadgets and whorded them accordingly, although having been born in Ireland in the 1920s the word gadget probably had a much broader meaning than it does now, I suppose back then a ballpoint pen probably constituted an exciting new gadget. I was in the old Fidgeon residence a few weeks ago and came across a gadget that even I thought was really quite impressive. It was a radio...that you wind up, with 30 seconds worth of crank, the radio worked through a pretty loud speaker for 10 mins! Now that is pretty impressive.
More recently this type of basic power generation has been tested on the "$100 laptop scheme" that aims to bring laptops to the worlds poorest people in areas where electricity may not be available and will be available as an external periphary for the machine.

I think that this from of manual power generation is fantastic idea and to be honest should be rolled out on a much grander scale.

Take a quick peek inside any regular gym you come across and you will see dozens of people cycling on excercise bikes and running on cross trainers on a road to know where, with the aim of just expending energy (calories), both of these activities require manual exertion to a much greater degree than the simple cranking of a radio, my idea...rather than just waste the energy, hook them up to batteries and use the energy generated to power the gym or store the energy and bring it home. If one person cranking a little radio for 30 seconds can power it for ten mins, I would assume that the amount of energy generated from a 30 min cycle on a machine modified to store it would be imense.

I am not saying that it is feasble that someday our entire grid will be powered by fitness fanatics, but even the small contributions can help make a difference and at the very least it will get some of Irelands overweight people on excersise bikes killing two birds with one stone.


Puke Leslie said...

nice idea asshole... hope your having fun with it, I enjoyed it greatly when I said it to you...

haha - fag

ed said...

HMMM well I honestly dont recall you telling me, but if you did mucho sorry, GREAT IDEA LUKE

jedimasterbooboo said...

Ahem...ok boys. Recently I saw that an Aussie guy donated tons of self-powered radios to South African AIDS orphans. I found a URL with a picture of one and some info. The report was quite interesting. My grandfather as well was a gadget man and he had the very first videogame ever made in his home, the first VCR for home use, he had to get the laserdisk player when it came out. Even in the 70's he had a big-ole dial phone in his Caddy, very weird. He was a complete bastard tho. And I'm pretty sure that there are hamsters powering the Philippines, because there are continual "brown-outs" here.

Hugo said...

That idea of harnessing power from the gym is pure genius.