Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dan "potatoE" Quayle

Dan “potatoE” Quayle
Dan Quayle was the Vice President between 1988 and 1993 under George Bush snr. Not the smartest man, he made an unusually regular habit of displaying his intellectual feebleness to the nation. Many great quotes can be attributed to him such as “quite frankly teachers are the only profession that teach our children”, and addressing nasa staff as “fellow astronauts” more hilarious ones in the video below!
As a result of his seeming incompetence at life the entire nation prayed for the health of the aging Bush Snr as they most certainly did not want to seem Quayle at the helm of the country.

Quayle left behind a legacy that included being slagged of in Ms. Doubtfire, the Simpsons and numerous other sources. And in the game Civilisation the lowest rank achievable is Dan Quayle, higher up the list is Augustus Caesar.
The one moment that can encapsulate Dan Quayle was during an elementary school spelling competition when he corrected a child who had spelled potato correctly, informing him he had left out the E that is usually at the end of the word...

Who let him get that far, was everyone to embarassed to tap big George on the shoulder and say get rid of him?

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jedimasterbooboo said...

Yeah, I remember this whole thing, and an entire TV episode of Murphy Brown was dedicated to him at the end once showing real single parent families talking into the camera to Dan. He made some not-so-nice remarks about single parent families. I was surprised Bush Jr. was elected because he was so much like Dan Quayle, I thought he would be looked at like him. Well he is looked at like him, but the rightwingnuts mobilized. I wonder who the next crackmonkey will be?