Friday, July 6, 2007

Dick "shooter" Cheney

I realise I seem to be picking on the US a bit recently but some of the stuff is just to good to let go... today on the ch0pping board - Dick Cheney

Mr. Dick Cheney has been the Vice president of the US in recent years under the great George Bush, not the brightest spark we have seen command the great ship America. As a result many people claim that he is the real decision maker behind the government and has exercised the most power of any VP in the history of the US.

Cheney has had his fair share of troubles though, having been caught drink driving as a young man on two occasions, however more recently he got in trouble… and very publicly, for….SHOOTING HIS FRIEND IN THE FACE.
While out hunting Cheney accidentally shot his hunting partner and long time contributor to the Republican Party Harry Whittington, in the chest and face causing scarring and a minor heart attack. Perhaps my favourite bit about this story is the odd turn the story takes soon after the shooting, three days later the victim Mr Harry Whittington obviously a fan of the Republican Party, APOLOGISED TO DICK CHENEY! He announced that
"My family and I are deeply sorry for all that Vice President Cheney and his
family have had to go through this week,"
...too weird, also the fact they were hunting for QUAIL(different spelling I know) made me chuckle


jedimasterbooboo said...

The whole incident is symbolism.

Champagne said...

I was reading the local San Diego times the other day and there was an article in it about a man who shot a scuba diver with a shotgun thinking he was a large rat. In other news a girl had her intestines sucked out by a swimming pool drain.

Barra said...

ah man, i usually watch anything, i like to be enlightened, but as soon as i read the caption beside the video of that girl in the pool had had to pass on it. theres no way i want to see that happen, or even the news report explaining it.

theres a qauyle egg for you!