Thursday, July 19, 2007

Champagne lifestyle

I was at a restaurant yesterday in the City center with the crew from my new job and was leafing through the wine list for a bit of a laugh. Seems that if one was so inclined they could purchase themselves a bottle of €3500 bottle of champagne....Who buys that stuff...and more importantly WHY.
I know part of the reason is that it make them feel good because they can then show everyone how great (they think) they are, but when you think of what that money could do, especially for someone who needs it (think famine victims) surely it just isn't right.

Wearing my business hat, I must say the profit margins for the producer must be quite high, last time i checked grapes weren't all that expensive.

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jedimasterbooboo said...

I have a degree in this stuff. I wouldn't buy it either. Sparkling white wine (Or champagne if it actually comes from there) takes a lot to make that's why some of it is so expensive. Also supply and demand, that vintage had a good rep and there were only x amount of bottles. But I can tell you there's no way that you would drink that and think you just drank something worth 3500 dollars. Really good wine in my part of California is cheap, so when I travel it's so hard to pay the fees and profit margin tacked on, even though red wine can get to be a hobby, I tend to get the beer everytime. I saw this epiode of the Apprentice, Donald Trump's show where they were eating flown-in white truffles, and I got sick to my stomach. Maybe it's because I live next to people in huts with dirt floors, but still...I agree with you on the indulgences. It's got to be worth it at least.