Sunday, July 15, 2007

New York - Hot dog SHAZAAAAM

I’m usually not a huge fan of buying meat products off people on the side of the street, especially from a dingy little shiny box (did it once in Spain, my stomach didn’t thank me for it), but there was something about the humble hotdog stands in Manhattan that proved irresistible. In my five days in the big apple, I developed somewhat of an addiction to hotdogs and all the strange ingredients within.

Over those few days of munching my way through those hotdogs I developed a certain amount of respect for them in a business sense, it seems they had developed one of the most ingenious business plans for maximising sales EVER (might be exaggerating)

The first part of their plan was to just be…EVERYWHERE, you might avoid one or two stands, but after a few blocks of walking the smell would take hold and you would have to buy one, after all it is just there on the side of the street right?, how convenient

The second part of their killer plan was the product itself. The first time I went to a hotdog stand was with my friend Alex, he bought one dog, then enjoyed it so much he bought another, this time though as a reward they gave him an extra big one (perhaps a reward for his loyalty?), the second dog was however, spicier than a spice girl and within seconds Alex was forced to buy a coke or else his mouth would probably implode…BRAVO.
They might seem like innocent weiner men…but you must beware, they all hold MBAs from Harvard business school.

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Barra said...

thats a pretty good technique! and alex bought into it perfectly.