Thursday, July 26, 2007 - maybe just a tad crazy?

Well who would have thought it, from the church that brought you, protests at US soldiers funerals (who are all dying because of Americas lax attitude towards gays apparently) and irrational hatred comes possibly the strangest site I have ever seen -

I really thought most people liked Ireland, especially Americans, but supposedly God has it in for us big time! The church which consists almost entirely of the Phelps family and has dozens of followers, is headed by a nice man named Fred Phelps (pictured above), who claims that some students from my very own University had a plot to ambush him.

It begins to look like the fags and fag-enablers of the Literary & Historical Society of the University College Dublin have devised devices against me – phrased another way – they have contrived a plot – or conspiracy – to lure me to Dublin, Ireland, to speak at their 153rd Session on the subject of “Gay Adoption” – and then to arrest me for the crime of violating their law entitled, The Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act. That Act is a draconian, antichristic cup of Satan’s slimy vomit straight from the maw of Hell. They know exactly what I will say on the subject of Gay Adoption. And they know that what I will say from the Bible about sodomites will land me in an Irish jail for two and maybe 10 years

And please don’t try to lure me into your vile, sodomite country, so you can arrest and jail me for doing the job God Almighty called me to do. And do you think it’s good to let these vile beasts adopt helpless little babies (called Gay Adoption Debate), to bring them up in a so-called “loving” home where sodomites eat each other’s feces

...Slightly Odd some might say

If you have time I HIGHLY recommend you watch this documentary where Louis Theroux of the BBC meets the phelps family for a week.


jedimasterbooboo said...

1. Louis Theroux is cool.
2. Why did they need a whole new site? I mean, they could have posted this on godhatesyouknowwhatsdotcom.

Yeah, Jesus would *not* have hung out with this guy.

ed said...

Louis theroux is indeed one of the coolest people I have ever seen, you should check out all the stuff he has done, you can find most of them in the documentary section of

I watched the documentary again today with my dad, and the more you see it, it just makes less and lees sense what they are doing, and it just is unacceptable behaviour on a human level.

I would just LOVE to see those idiots parade around ground zero with their "thank god for 9/11" signs, they would get their blocks knocked off soooo bad.

jedimasterbooboo said...

"I would just LOVE to see those idiots parade around ground zero with their "thank god for 9/11" signs, they would get their blocks knocked off soooo bad. " -ED

Yeah, this is a funny comment, because I always refer to people like this as our American Taliban. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

I saw the Louis Theroux doc. It was kewl. That family are sick to the core. I feel very sorry for the children. With the rules imposed on the poor 21 year old granddaughter, the only person she can have *sexuuual reelations* with is her grandaddy! LOL

Anonymous said...

Louis Theroux is completly crazy how can you hate Ireland?The evidence he has contributed is from his own accord and based on fact.I strongly disencourage his beliefs and his well been.

Anonymous said...

Louis Theroux is kewl. That Phelps family are purely sick; and I blame the The Grandaddy. Do you know that he had the daughter out of wedlock? hahhaaaaa... so he's fucked by his own rules.

The only thing they can say with conviction is HATE. I also pity the children.

Anonymous said...

wow what aload of shit! whoever believes in stuff like this are completly pathetic! godhates ireand ok then, the biggest load of shit iv read was from Fred Phelps. unbeleivable is the only word i could think of. go fuck yourself Fred Phelps hope you die a horrible death