Friday, July 13, 2007

Air Canada

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Canada and all the friendly Canucks that live there, but I read some news today that makes me think that they might not be as intellectually gifted as I had once thought.

It seems that the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority deemed it necessary to issue a bulletin to security officers at airports throughout the country, advising that they soften up on their policies on jokes about terrorism. A spokesperson stated that "screening officers were not discerning the context in which the declaration or the statement was made. And they were a little bit too quick on the trigger."

The act advises that staff should more carefully make the distinction between what would be considered a “false claim” which is illegal, and a "careless statement".
In case there was any confusion as to the difference between the two, they even released a few examples of what would and wouldn’t be acceptable…

"I am going to set fire to the airplane with this blowtorch" (false declaration) : (
"What do you think I look like, a terrorist?" (careless or inflammatory). : )

"He is going to hijack the aircraft" (false declaration): (
"Hi Jack!" (careless or inflammatory). : )

To date 117 people have been detained for “false claims” and have face penalties of up to $5000. One such person convicted under the CATA law was an Iranian professor who told an Air Canada host that his briefcase might explode if she tried to push it under the seat…classic


Anonymous said...

You have to remember that a lot of the policies were based on the fact that Homeland Security said that we (Canada) were NOT doing enough. But after a couple of years we told them to feck off, we will handle it ourselves and put our own policies into play. That includes what language we will use.

Dennis Cox

Rosalyn said...

This is great info to know.