Saturday, July 14, 2007

Recruit this!

A wise man once said...

Allow me to let you in on a little secret here - employers H-A-T-E hiring. It is a difficult, time-consuming and expensive pain in the ass, and it rarely results in the perfect appointment
When I heard this, I thought it must be a slight over exaggerate and that surely they don't mind it THAT much. On my first day at my internship they gave us various presentations on various aspects of the company. One of the bits that proved me wrong was their policy on referrals.

If you refer someone to the company and they are deemed good enough to be employed you get €2,500 and if you were a manager you get €5,000...That is A LOT of dough for the sake of avoiding the recruitment process...I stand corrected
Although I would imagine this could get a bit dangerous if the managers near the top hold a lot of power in the recruitment process and might look to rush THEIR referrals through so as to get the bounty

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jedimasterbooboo said...

Hey, this blog entry was MY idea.

Kidding. But I've been thinking about this recently because I want to quit my job, and I think my employers should ACT like they hate hiring people...but they hide it well.