Saturday, April 7, 2007

A stroll down Times Square

5mics: Commercial genius?
On my first day in New York, Me and Enda had a bit of time to kill before heading back to the apartment we were going to be staying in, so we went for a stroll in search of some cool NY like stuff. We eventually arrived at Times Square, When we got there we were subjected to a pretty unique sales technique by a local rap artist, i think it is probably best explained by the dialogue that took place at the time.

5mics: hey maaaan you like rap music?
Ed: eh..kinda yeh
5mics: Yo man, listen to my beats then man, listen to my BEATS
*ed listens to the headphones*
*music is moderatly acceptable*
Ed: eh yeh thats great...
5mics: Yo man *points to enda* listen to this
*enda reluctantly listens to it*
5mics: hey whats his name man
Ed: Enda
*5mics takes out one of his cds and a permanent marker*
*writes "to A-N-D-A" on it*
Enda: thats not how you spell my name man
5mics: how do you spell it
Enda: with an E
5mics: ok ok man, to....E Dizzle
5mics: oh and where you guys from

Ed&Enda: Dublin
5mics: ooooh man, you guys are from dublin!
5mics: ok to E Dizzle... The Dublin ganster, hows that man
*Ed and Enda look at eachother with a "what the hell is going on look"*
5mics: You can take this back to all the homies in Dublin
Enda: Do you even know where dublin is man?
5mics: ....nah man...nah
Ed: its in Ireland
*Ed&Enda laugh heartely*
5mics: OH well you can take this back to Ireland.....For TWENTY DOLLARS
Ed: dont have 20 dollars man

*Ed&Endas jaws drop as they realise they are in trouble now*
*ed also remembers he has 500 dollars in his pocket and doesnt want to be mugged by this guy*
*5mics "buddies" start to surround Ed&Enda*
5mics: MAN, you said you wanted it!!!
Enda: No we said it was ok!
5mics: ... yeh.. WANTED IT
Ed: Man all I have is 5 dollars
Enda: yeh man me too
5mics: MANNNN, alright gimme the ten dollars and GET OUTA MY FACE!!!
*5mics heavies back off and let us leave*
Ed: Well Enda, We arent in Canada anymore

In my time in New York, i was bullied into buying two cds, and some other guy followed me for about 5 blocks trying to sell me his music... I think i have some sort of magnetism for either cds, or crap rappers
You can check out 5mics here he's eh....great

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