Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ireland vs Luxembourg - Ice Hockey World Championships

Yesterday I witnessed my 1st ever Ireland ice hockey game, and let me tell you.... so damn good.
We set of from manuels on the epic journey at about half 6 and it became apparent kinda early on that we prob werent going to make it on time for the start of the game, due to a certain PC World employees tardyness. So down the M1 we headed with Dundalk and its fabled icedome in our sights, however once we got to dundalk we got a little lost....however this resulted in the true hilarity of seeing the Mongolian Ice Hockey team at a bus stop waiting for a public transport bus back to their hotel! poor fellas.

Once we got to the Ice Dome I went to collect the tickets that one of my Canadian buddies (Chris "the boy" Boyko) dad had organised for us free of charge, but seems his contact here forgot to leave them at the desk. So for a while it looked like we woulod have to get back in the car and go home, after much pestering on my part the receptionist just let us in anyway, but warned that there were no more seats, and we "would have to just stand".

Seems this meant you would have to stand right at the glass and have the best view EVER. The game was amazing and in the 2nd period ireland were down 3-1 to Luxembourg, whose Goalie was amazing and was playing a screamer. Third period ireland get one back early on. 5 mins left in the game Ireland with the double powerplay, miss shot after shot, hit the goal....ed dying with heart problems. Then with two mins left a breakaway....GOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL.

So at 3-3 and after over time its down to a shootout... heres the vid


Matt said...

Win, lose or draw, there is always one thing assured at a sporting event - Manuel's voice will go hoarse.

Eagle said...

Wow. I didn't know Dundalk had a proper sized hockey rink and I'm surprised at the size and enthusiasm of the crowd. Thanks for posting the video.

ed said...

Yeh you better believe it! the ice dome is the business, unfotunatly it is a bit of a trek if you live in Dublin, or anywhere further afield for that matter.

Next on the hitlist...Oddsy arena, Belfast