Monday, April 30, 2007

Promotions gone wrong: McDonalds

Promotions are usually a good thing, if executed properly you should have gained some brand exposure and hopefully bagged yourself some new customers and strengthened your image in you pre existing customers. Last year however McDonald's found that every so often things can go…. Just a little wrong.
In Japan last August McDonald's ran a promotional contest in which it gave away 10,000 McDonald's branded mp3 players, which came fully loaded with 10 free song to boot.
However a large portion of them also came fully loaded with the QQPass Trojan virus, which if uploaded to a PC captures passwords, user names and a lot of other important stuff and relays it straight to hackers. Upon plugging the mp3 player into their computer, customers would have their details swiftly emailed off to the hackers in question, cool eh?
Needless to say the McDonald's brand lost a few customers there.

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