Sunday, April 29, 2007

Guinness in Africa: A branding success

In recent year sales of the iconic Irish drink have been falling on a domestic level so Diageo decided that it would have to look further a field to developing markets for new sales.
Diageo got in touch with the famous advertisers Saatchi and Saatchi and started about entering the African market and creating what the advertising company call a "lovemark", described as a brand that enjoys loyalty beyond reason from consumers.

As African Managing Director of Diageo Eric Frank said in 1999 they wanted to create a brand that says "Inside me there's a powerful heroic assured person"

In 2002 the company started running television and radio ads following the trials and tribulations of Michael power (seen in the billboard above) an exciting African James Bond-like character who evaded danger and saved the beautiful woman, followed by the phrase "Guinness brings out the power in you". And the advertising has instilled this feeling of power in its new found enthusiasts as one Nigerian man commented "It makes me feel powerful", adding "If I have three stouts, my wife knows she had better watch out. I have energy in my body."

The actor playing the iconic character, Cleveland Mitchell explains that advertisements aim to bring "stories that bring the true strength of Africa. We want to highlight the way we live, the way we talk, the way we play and the way we do everything that makes us unique as Africans", and they are so well made that African tv stations air them as free programming.

The advertising campaign was a resounding success throughout Africa and by 2000 Guinness led the African market by 50%. Currently Out of the top 10 Guinness markets worldwide, four of the top consumer’s are the African nations: Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Kenya, and Ghana represents the 5th largest consumer of Guinness in the world. An impressive 1/3rd of all Guinness consumption is attributable to Africa and when the continents consumption is compared with others around the globe, we can see that they drink down more than three times that of North America. That’s a lot of the black stuff!

The link below is a link to the Saatchi & Saatchi site, and an example of the African ad campaign
The ad

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