Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The reach of Blogs

I was checking through the stats on my google analytics report, (google analytics is really good stuff by the way) and as I looked down through the looong list of reports available I decided to give the old "Geo location" chart a check. It really does give you an idea of the global reach that a blog gives you, I can see from the chart for instance that an impressive 0.51% come from spain, a country which has....bad relations with me....obviously they are spying on me.
Lessons to be learned?
  1. Blogs spread ur ideas across the world (although chances are they dont care)
  2. Google analytics is great for anyone who wants detailed info on their site/blog
  3. Don't go to spain


Ben Kirwan said...

still sort of baffles me that you could hate spain because of how some people in ONE town perceived you. and anyway you were hard to not stare at, you enormous tennis ball headed bastard. hahahha.

spain is great, u should go back, somewhere else. i love it personally.

Ben Kirwan said...

good blog by the way, didnt mean to sound so angry!

David said...

Some of the UK visitors are actually me, UTV internet hooks me up through belfast.

David Kennedy said...

unionist bastard!

David said...

Pd bastard!

Dan said...

You should be ashamed of your life, Ed. We all know who you voted for. You let down your nation.