Thursday, April 26, 2007

The importance of a 2nd opinion v2.0

Sometimes spelling is not important, and as long as the person gets the general gist of your message its fine, for instance scribbling down an important phone note, the grammar or spelling intricacies do not really affect the credibility of the message.

However when you are designing a cover for a product, a computer game for instance, and more specifically a SPELLING computer game, you should make it your business to get it completely, totally and irrefutably correct.

Eamonn Holmes is a much..."loved"...."celebrity" that frequents our televisions with annoying regularity, but recently he decided that he needed to enter the world of educational computer games to enlighten us mere mortals.

The creators of the game DDS media, in their infinite wisdom spelt Eamonns name wrong on the cover and CD of the first 10,000 units, meaning they had to be scrapped. The title had misspelled his name including only one "n", and was only pointed out when Eamonn was sent a copy just before launch. An irate Holmes called the producers immediately enquiring 'How can you expect people to buy this game when you've misspelt my name on the front!'

According to insiders "There are a lot of red faces with everyone blaming each other."
Brings up the importance of checking things twice (or more)

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