Thursday, February 15, 2007

The importance of a 2nd opinion

Google like to play around with their logo and often make pretty cool topical versions, like snow covered for xmas etc. However yesterday the logo was different, so much so that in fact the logo did not even say google anymore, however it did say "GOOGE"... As Seth Godin put it "Id like to buy a consonant please".

I think this can teach us mere mortals a few lessons

  1. even if you think what you have created/designed/written is perfect, and that you dont need someone to recheck it for you. YOU DO. The goog incident really would have been quite easy to avoid.

  2. Also not to get over elaborate with decoration to the point of losing focus of what the actual matter at hand is. This can be seen by people who over format essays/presentations to the point where the core message is blurred.

  3. Some people are silly


Jamie said...

hhm, i thought that strawberry thing was supposed to represent the two letters, the bottom of the strawberry representing the 'g' ( that dripping chocolate being the tail of the letter) and the top of the strawberry and specifically the upright Stem of it representing the 'l'.. no?

ed said...

i mean, yeh it could be but i know alot of other people didnt see it that way.
if it wasnt a spelling error, then it was jsut an error to make it so questionable. but..then again, big deal

Jamie said...

ah yeah, i know what u mean like, it is pretty stupid looking. haha

Matthew said...

i love how u describe it as the googe incident, like it has some serious/any impact, im sure somewhere google big wigs are sleeping on beds composed of solid goal and wiping their asses with diamonds, totally oblivious!!!