Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lecturers: Good vs Bad

Bad Lecturers

  1. Can't use powerpoint - most lecturers see it fit slides that are poorly animated, poorly constructed and packed full of text to the point of illedgibilty. If you're going to use it, use it well.
  2. Cannot communicate - I'm sure that in their college days they were the best and brightest of whatever academic field thet just so happens they are not very good at explaining in language us students can understand (esp economics, accounting, finance)
  3. Are solely responsible for low attendance numbers - "lying in bed is a better use of my time than listening to you"
  4. Engage in "one way traffic" - of the attitude "I will be speaking for the duration, questions shall not be tolerated"
  5. Class is over when its over - Once my 1hr slot is up class is over and I dont want to talk about it.

Good Lecturers (few and far between)

  1. Add Value to the subject - They don't merely read out their slides to you verbatim, they bring their relevant life/work experience and add a human aspect to the factual content
  2. Create Good Presentations - Understand what material overload is and avoid it...they might even use pictures/audio/videos to back up their information in multiple formats
  3. Make you want to go to class - There is no better feeling than getting out of bed and actively want to get to the bus and into class asap, creates a great class atmosphere too.
  4. Make it a two way process - they ask questions, and invite questions to be asked, interactivity>"listen here YOU"
  5. Are your teachers in and out of class - the class may be over, but if you ever need to ask them questions or just want to talk to them about the subject...they are there and want to do so
  6. Leave a lasting impression


Macka said...

I know you're writing this mainly from your experiences el Quinn fortress of business but things are different in the desolate Orts block badlands.

Student lack of interest IS one of the main problems in arts, not because of poor lecturing but because of the fupping modularisation system and the fact that circa 50% of the arts block are only there cos they didn't know what to put down on their cao or didn't get into el Quinner so opted for the next nearest building

And to be fair the only reason there's no 'question time' in arts is again beacuse the students are out of the lecture halls like a bat outta hell when the hour strikes.

Not always ze lecturers fault

For the most part you are right tho holmes

ed said...

Yeh, you are actually right about that, I suppose I am taking that point about attendance, while presuming that the person has signed up to do what is being discussed.

In terms of running out of class after the hour, i think thats partly due to the unworkably large classes, but that is another days ranting, i have had lectures, one this semester in particular, where the class dont really want to leave..and want to hear more from the lecturer...he has to run off.