Sunday, May 20, 2007

Amazon - Early Edition

One of my favourite television programmes back in the day was “Early Edition” which followed the adventures of a young man, who, through some sort of mysterious magic, received tomorrow’s news…TODAY. It was then up to him to save the day etc based on this information.
Predicting the future is always a bit of fun, and you can potentially make a fair bit of money out of it too.

On the morning of April 3rd of this year the online retailer, sent an email entitled “UCLA Wins” to all the customers that bought a sports related item, to give them a heads up on this special offer. This cap would act as a great reminder for Bruins fans of a great victory in the NCAA finals

The problem was…the game had not yet taken place, and the Florida Gators the other finalists were not going to let a novelty cap determine their fate. As it turned out, later that night Florida gave UCLA a complete spanking in the final, cruising to a 73-57 victory.
“Clearly it was a mistake” announced a spokesman for Amazon

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