Sunday, May 6, 2007

Employee Safety

Employee safety is always an important issue with any organisation, but as Reuters reported last week, sometimes concerns over safety can come from the oddest of sources. The Canadian national postal service have recently refused to deliver letter to the house of a Mr. Samborski, claiming that his cat, shadow, is “unsafe”.

"We have quite a history with this cat," claimed a spokeswoman for the postal service. "It has attacked letter carriers three times, two different letter carriers." The developments mean That Mr Samborski will have to travel over 4km to his local depot to collect all his mail until a solution has been reached.

The cats owner is adamant that his cat is not the violent creature its been made out to be, stating the cat “likes to eat and sleep and cuddle. You could drop a bomb and he'd just open one eye, take a look, then close them and go back to sleep,”

It seems that its not just Shadow who is up to these acts of “violence” Canada Post claims that up to 15 postmen are bitten by cats, dogs and even raccoons in Manitoba every year.

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Barra said...

is that 15 separate individual cases, or do those 15 postal-people (who knows, there could be a couple of femailmen on the force too) just get bitten continuously? perhaps they provoke the animals. otherwise, 15 cases is nothing. they shud stop complaining and accept it as apart of their jobs. jees.