Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Tumbleweed = $

Picture the scene...the "good guy" is walking through the ranch looking to kill that damn baddie, but its quiet...TOO quiet *tumble weed rolls by*, how many times have we seen a situation like that, well a few anyway.
Tumble weeds make any average movie BRILLIANT, and enjoy a reputation all around the world as the most photogenic of all weeds, surely there could be some way to make money out of these rotund delights?

Uncommon business points us to just such a venture. Linda Katz of Kansas has throught her site, created a living out of selling tumble weeds, "it all started as a joke" she remarks, but the site has turned into an online business that earns her in the region of $40k per annum. Katz and some of her family members search for tumbleweeds trapped along fences etc on the roadside and post them off from the local post office.

The site has been so popular in Japan , she has released a separate Japanese edition of the site, and the largest order to date has been a $1000 order from the Barney&friends TV show.

The tumbleweed entrepreneur added “Isn’t the Internet a wonderful thing?”