Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jonathan Ive, Apples forgotten saviour

Most people if asked, would put Apples success in recent years down to one man, Steve Jobs. I whole heartedly agree that Steve Jobs has been the driving force behind the computer company’s resurgence from its darker days, however, it would not be fair to over look the contribution of a certain Mr. Jonathan Ive, the chief designer behind so many of Apple’s products.

The London born designer and co founder “Tangerine” a design consultancy, was head hunted by Apple back in 1992 and went about designing computers that he thought would complete the user experience of using an Apple computer. Ive was responsible for the design of the iPod, iMac, Powerbook and the upcoming iPhone, and says that the projects have been developed with the intention of keeping in mind “ease and simplicity”.

A modest man, Ive rarely boasts of his exploits and remains relatively unknown to the general public, however his achievements have been recognised by
Industrial designers society of America – industrial design excellence

  1. Design Museum – designer of the year 2002 and 2003

  2. The Sunday times - one of Britain's most influential expatriates

  3. Macworld – Joining company voted 6th most significant event in Apple history

So next time you use ur iPod or an admire the design of an Apple computer, keep in mind the man behind its design, Jonathan Ive.

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