Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Election posters v2.0

I mentioned before here about how I thought the election posters were a wasted opportunity to inform people, and also commented that they were targeting the wrong people all together. Being a newbie to all “this sort of thing” I had not really taken into account the fact that I, and every other registered voter in my house, would be receiving a small forests worth of pamphlets, leaflets and all sorts of other stuff too (Yes even the green party saw it fit to send me a lot of paper pamhlets tut tut).
So my claims at that parties were not informing the general public were slightly wrong, however I stand by the fact I think most posters up a month ago, were completely useless in terms of informing people. (With the exception of some Fine Gael posters I saw)

As it stands today I think they do their job brilliantly, having read the pamphlets and seen the candidates door to door, this will jog people’s memory on the way to the polling station as to who is who.

Other observations

  1. One aspect I have found funny about the election has been the canvassing process where loyal supporters of different parties sometimes end up engaging in trench warfare with those that get in “their area” as seen in a battle between a diehard Richard Boyd Barrett canvasser and a certain friends dad, canvassing for Labour.
  2. Also at times defacing of posters can come up with some humorous moments for all (monobrows with permanent markers, toothless smiles etc…oh the humour)
  3. The poster below


Barra said...

the damo poster is about this small skit.

Skanger me Banger, apparently they are brothers (damo and 'colin farrell'). i hope they do more stuff.

Barra said...

wait, im actually not sure about the brothers thing. but i do hope they make more stuff.

Jamie said...

is it just me or does the Fine Gael poster with Enda Kenny on it sporting the slogan "Safer Streets...For A Change" not make much sense grammatically? I mean if it was to say "Safe Streets...For A Change" that would be ok, only they would never use such a hyperbolic and superlative promise.

But to say that the streets are going to be "Safer" means that they are going to be safer than they used to be, a change is therefore implied and the 'for a change' part is meaningless.

Hugo said...

Good point Jamie. 'For a change' is non-ampliative (ie. it doesn't add anything) if you take it as the consequent of the statement 'safer streets'. Logically you have a point.

Barra said...

I dont like the whole slogan of "For a Change".
I know it's meant to imply that it is a stand alone phrase meaning a new goverment would be a change for the sake of a change.

But I hate when I see that phrase right beside something like "Your money spent well" or "Safer streets", like its trying to say that it is in an appauling condition at the moment. I don't know about you, but thats what I get from all of the Fine Gael posters.

However, Fine Gael's new slogan is "Ireland Deserves Better". It's like a smear campaign. I saw a photo shoot w/ Enda and some of his party members giving a P45 to the current government.

Reasons for leaving: Broken Promises
Date of Leaving: Polling Day
Money Wasted: Billions

It was on one of those large cardboard cheque things. Yes, i know, its all in jest. But it seems like Enda Kenny is spending too much time on just making the current govn look like idiots.

Sorry for the rant, needless to say, they dont have my vote.
And yes, Jamie, I agree with you on the grammer thing.

(for more info on the Fine Gael's P45, check out http://www.blogorrah.com/)

ed said...

we recieved an envelope through the door yesterday with "an important message for PD voters" printed on the front, and then inside was basically a FG pamhlet saying that youd just be wasting your vote on the PDs and you may as well vote for one of their candidates here John Regan, nom matter how true or not that is i find that particularly dirty

ed said...

my bad EUGENE regan

Barra said...

thats exactly what im talking about. that kinda crap is just ridiculous. its like Fine Gael have nothing good to say about themselves, so instead they will just talk shit about everyone else.