Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sue first ask questions later

The culture of sue first ask questions later gets on my nerves, as I wrote before here, and yesterday I read of a case that left me in disbelief

Michael Wade of Execupundit points us to the recent lawsuit filed by the father of the late Josh Hancock (of St Louis Cardinals MLB fame) in the wake of the 29 year olds suicide. The Cardinals pitcher decided the way he wanted to leave this mortal coil was to... drink drive, well over the speed limit, while on a mobile phone AND without wearing a seatbelt (tut tut) and plow into a tow truck parked at the roadside.

His father has now filed a lawsuit in St. Louis against:

  1. the restaurant where Hancock was drinking,

  2. the manager of said restaurant, the tow truck driver,

  3. the towing company,

  4. and the driver of the stalled vehicle that the tow truck was assisting.

St Louis Today.com has the full story here


Ambrand Dot Com said...

A century years ago in proper society if one gentleman said to another "I don't like the cut of your jib young man, you are a rogue and a scoundrel of the highest degree" he would likely find himself being sued for slander. Frivilious cases have always and will always be a feature of the legal system

ed said...

I think the difference between your example and the two i have issue with, is the level of direct contact involved, The Michael jordan one is just plain rediculous, and i dont see how you can sue the parties that happened to be at roadside....its just silly