Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Internet killed the TV star

I must say that the amount of time i spend on the internet has grown hugely in the last few weeks due to the revelation that i can watch tv through the internet. My personal favorite is tv links which can be found here where you can watch almost any episode of any reasonably popular programme, cartoon (even earth worm Jim) or movie which really is cool.

Also worth a mention is "alluc" found here which accompishes much the same thing, but at times has a greater selection of episodes etc.

If you are after Irish made television shows you can find them on this rte page.

I would imagine that when broadband penetration increases and word gets around about these sites, internet televsion may just begin to replace the aul tube, that said I expect that devices like the Appletv, which transmit media on your computer to your tv box might reverse this shift somewhat.


Ben Kirwan said...

the blog title deserves an applause, haha

the stuff on rte is really good, knew you'd like it

Anonymous said...

Your links are broken.

ed said...

damn sorry, they are all fixed now

Barra said...

just like television has replaced radio,
television will be replaced by Steaks.