Monday, May 14, 2007

Romania thanks Bill Gates for pirated software

Sometimes it can be pretty important to choose your words carefully, especially when in the company of influential people. Last February Bill Gates made a visit to Romania to open the new regional technical support centre, and to coincide with the event he was to be presented with the Star of Romania Order, Commander Rank, due to his company's help in developing his countries technological capabilities.

The prime minister then decided to go further into HOW Microsoft had helped them over the past two decades explaining that it was in fact piracy of the Microsoft software that had led to this development.

Realising that perhaps he had stood in a bit of a Romanian cow pat, he decided to try and remedy the situation by adding "piracy, became in the end an investment in friendship toward Microsoft and Bill Gates, an investment in educating the young generation in Romania which created the Romanians' friendship with the computer"

Gates did not comment.


Tifossi said...

Well i think Bill must just be happy and look at the social impact of his software and not just the Financial aspects..

Barni said...


I think it is true, that in Romania the pirate softwares brought the financial future for Microsoft. Because at the moment almost every small company is buying legal softwares. Even People too (most of them the Windows soft.)