Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Speed Issues

Driving in Dublin has become a rather unattractive pursuit, and this is in part due to the speed restrictions on certain roads that some would consider too slow. A visit to Bermuda would no doubt give them a rude awakening as to what slow really was.

The highest speed allowed anywhere on the island is a whoppingly slow 35km and hr, now considering that our speed limit goes up to 120km/hr on the motorways, I think people should reconsider their attitudes towards Irelands speed limits.

The one redeeming feature of Bermudas somewhat insane speed restrictions, is that I would imagine that road deaths are incredibly low, seeing as most fatal accidents happen at faster speeds, a way to counter that is to just make everyone go at a snails pace…problem solved!

Also can anyone tell my why the speed limit here goes UP to 100km on windy country roads?

1 comment:

Ben Kirwan said...

cus no-one's on those windy roads.

this is a rather inane idea.