Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Words unspoken

I am not a huge fan of superstitions, in fact I think they are one of the more stupid things to have gained widespread popularity in society.
Today in my "Asian Business" class at college I was told that if a property developer from the west who was a bit wet behind the ears was to build some housing in China and was to name some apartments blocks say apartment block 1,2,3,4, the fourth block would find sales to be very low as in China the number 4 is never used as it is considered to be unlucky.

Instead the apartments would have to be named 1,2,3,3a, so as to avoid using this "forbidden number"

I saw something like this while in New York city, while taking a lift up to the apartment I was staying in I noticed that the lift went from the 12th floor...right to the 14th floor, there was no 13th floor!

My question is, do the people who live on the 14th floor REALLY believe they aren't on the 13th floor? and do the people who reside in 3a REALLY believe they aren't in apartment block FOUR?

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jedimasterbooboo said...

Well, they wouldn't care so much about the fourth building, as the superstition is about the number itself. The sound of "four" in Chinese is the same sound as "death". They have the same superstition in Korean because their written language is taken from Chinese. I read in numerology years ago (for fun) that if a number has more than one digit, you add them together and then use that number's meaning (0-9). So...for 13 if you add 1+3=...ooops! I'm not superstitious either.