Friday, September 28, 2007

Mongolian Mischief

I remembered this last night and realised it relates back to the thinking of Barry Schwartz on how more choice can be bad for the consumer.
During the summer I went out for a dinner with the crowd from work, we headed down to an interesting restaurant in the city centre called the “Mongolian Barbeque”, this restaurant was unlike your average restaurant, the procedure was that when you went in you got your bowl and filled it with the various meats and vegetables you wanted, added some spices and seasonings, and then you gave it to the chef and he cooked it up right in front of you on a big giant hotplate like the pic above, pretty nifty eh?
There was a large selection of ingredients and with the spices included you could create an infinite variety of flavours, the problem was that a lot of the time the mixes created by the customer were well and truly foul, and the next day we discovered had caused many bowel related problems.
The problem is that your average person is not a chef, and therefore really doesn’t know anything about what goes well together and what is needed to make a nice tasting meal. The customer is not always right, because often the customer has no clue what they are talking about, and need to be saved from themselves. Or like my friends they will end up on the toilet all night

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