Saturday, September 15, 2007

Population of the Century

Two pieces of information I encountered this week really hit home how big the population of Asia, and in particular China, really is. I suppose I knew this stuff before but when you see the numbers in questions expressed graphically it really makes it more comprehensible, The first was the above graph, I made this graph form some figures we were quoted in our Asian business class from a 1995 survey, so I would imagine the difference is now even larger.

The second was a “population ticker” that can be found at this site, it shows in real time how many people have been born this year and what the running total population is in China, which last time I checked was in the region of 1.3 Billion, I would imagine it is not perfectly accurate but based on predicted numbers, still its very impressive that a baby is being born almost every second and there has been in excess of 11 million births this year alone!

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