Monday, September 10, 2007

Sorry I'm eh... busy

The Bing Blog has one of the funniest blog posts I have read in a long time, and having worked for the summer in an office I happen to know that these ideas are 100% realistic, sit and observe the wisdom that is the "Ten things to do when you don't feel like working"

Out of the ten I think my favorite was definitely...
While it is very hard for sub-management to take naps, it can be done. While a simple associate, I used to sleep in my office on the floor with head against my closed door. That way if anybody opened the door it would hit me in the head, waking me dramatically so that I could then flip over and go about on my hands and knees muttering something like, “where’s that paperclip?” or something like that. Incredibly, I never got caught, perhaps because my bosses were napping at the same time. Another good technique is to sleep with your feet up on your desk only until the telephone rings. On busy days, that may be just two minutes. On quiet summer Fridays, however, you may need a bib

Also a very worthy activity was to...
Have an apple at your desk. Nobody will interrupt a person who is eating an apple. An apple a day keeps the bosses away

Give the rest a look here

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