Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New York - The Language Barrier

One of the funnier experiences I had in New York was when my two friends and I went to a McDonalds just off Times Square looking to pick up a bit of food. The conversation between me and the guy behind the till was… confusing to say the least.

Me – Hi there could I get the Big Mac meal with Diet Coke please.
Guy – Well do you want sweetie, Cause we don’t have any sweetie
Me – Sorry you don’t have any…
Guy – Sweetie, we have none left
Me - *confused*…yeh that’s eh…fine
---Five mins passes---
---Ed Gets meal and starts to drink the “coke”---
---Ed notices THIS IS NOT DIET COKE but appears to be some form of horrible brown tasteless drink---
Me – Sorry, did you mean to say that there was going to be no sweetener in the coke? Because I’m pretty sure you cant just sell me brown water
Me – yes… but WHAT did you tell me?
Guy – That there was no SWEETIE
Me – Look, I was pretty sure coke came with whatever sweetie is added in
Guy – OHHHHHH you wanted coke? I thought you said ICE TEA... there's no sweetener for the ice tea
Ed - *in disbelief*… no I wanted coke.
---Ed gets Coke and walks away---


jedimasterbooboo said...

Why would someone call sweetner "sweetie"? Also I'm an American here in the Philippines and I have so many fast food sob stories, it's just sad and wrong. But my Korean students are also foreigners here and so they have the same experiences. We all laugh together. One of the things they always ask here is "how many?", You say, I would like a number 1 please..."How many?"

WHAT?? Why wouldn't I say how many? And this is with everything. It doesn't matter the circumstance.

Eagle said...

That's what you get for ordering Diet Coke. Too confusing for the average McDonald's worker in America.

Remember, KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid.