Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sigmund on America


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jedimasterbooboo said...

In the past this would make me laugh, but now being abroad, I'm starting to realize the benefits of a new country not mired in tradition, even though we have dangerous boneheads, certainly every country has those. Dan Rather is suing CBS...this is a good reminds me we are not a giant mistake.

And BY the way...have you really read things by Freud. He was a bit nutty.

ed said...

You know what, I have mixed feeling on this to be honest.
On one hand, I think America is at times a very bizarre place with many problems, but at the sime time i realise the contributions it has made to society.

I also chose this because i love the quote's brevity and harshness, its quite funny, and no I have not read anything by Freud really, so he very well may be a nut job

Jamie said...

haha, love that quote

Eagle said...

Wasn't Freud's comment inspired by his anger that American research had led him into prescribing cocaine to his patients and when he realized it was a mistake, he blamed all of America for that.

And, I'm pretty sure it was the American government that got Frued out of Vienna when Hitler came a callin.