Thursday, September 6, 2007

Apple iPod Touch

I saw this in the newspaper this morning... and it just made my jaw drop, I had no idea that Steve Jobs had something like this up his sleeve, just when you thought your iPod Video was the best media player money could buy...behold the NEW iPod.

The new Apple iPod touch has features that just make the mind boggle, especially in a device that starts from as low as €299 for the 8gb model. (or if you happen to be passing through the US its is $299 which today converts to €218)

The new iPod at a mere 8mm thick, boasts what according to Steve is a "Gorgeous" (gotta love the enthusiasm eh?) 3.5 inch touchscreen that displays videos, photos, a version of iTunes and an extremely slick interface operated by the touch of your fingers.

Perhaps the most amazing feature, and my personal favorite is the ability to receive wi-fi signal and display it on the Apple web browser Safari (think Internet Explorer, but slightly better). This means that in your house, on the move, anywhere where there is an open wi-fi signal you can be surfing the web on your iPod touch.

My awe for this device is not entirely unconditional however. With battery life on my video iPod being so minimal, I find it hard to believe that a decent amount of audio playback hours will be achieved on a player that has to power a backlit screen twice as big as the previous one and support a fancy touchscreen interface to boot.

I also can't see the business sense behind releasing this new iPod, I personally believe this will take away some of the hype and buzz surrounding the iPhone as some of the big hitting features that people would have bought the phone for, can now be obtained at a much lower price with the iPod touch, some may argue that the two will compliment eachother, I predict cannibalisation of sales.

Despite having one or two reservations, I think this iPod will blow all competition out of the water and hang them out to dry, the iPod is dead, long live the iPod.

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