Thursday, April 16, 2009

Slickness, Shininess and Streamlining

I was browsing through this blog the other day and read an article that I thought was very on the button about overly glitzed up presentation, as a result of demands from "people who are more concerned with you having slides that “look good” rather than slides that get the message across effectively"

The article reminded me about a few sentences from the book "Coming up for air" by George Orwell. While in cafe and taking in the surrounding atmosphere, the main character makes an observation about the way the modern world is heading. Sitting there he notices:
A sort of propaganda floating round, mixed up with the noise of the radio, to the effect that food doesn't matter, comfort doesn't matter, nothing matters except slickness and shininess and streamlining.

I think this is the way that a large portion of presenters, journalists and people in general think: its not the facts, the food - its the slickness, shininess and streamlining.

In summary the food does matter... and all this talk of food makes me want to go get some lunch, which I think I will.

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