Monday, April 20, 2009

Crestor to be launched in India - How many boxes will stay there?

Major pharma manufacturer Astrazeneca are planning on launching their major drug Crestor in India, but according to the website "pharmagossip" they will be selling it at 1/5th the price of the product in other markets. In a way this is a smart move, capturing a large slice of the Indian market (1 billion plus people) is definitely worthwhile, however it will be interesting to see what this does to sales of Crestor in higher priced countries.

The last job I had was with a pharma company, and one of the major problems facing the company was importers buying products in Northern Ireland for a cheaper price (circa 20%), shipping them to the republic, and then undercutting the price charged by the Irish subsidiary and keeping the difference in prices. This practice is known as parallel importation, and most people would probably be more familiar with Parallel importation of cigarettes and alcohol - This Christmas saw Northern Irish off-licences see record sales due to a weak Pound.

Astrazeneca say "The launch of CRESTOR® is in line with our India strategy to bring global brands to India at prices affordable for Indian patients", it will be interesting to see how many boxes of Indian priced crestor find their way around the world... I would imagine ALOT will go "missing" and find their way to a pharmacy near you.


crestor said...

I think price can be reach by most people compared to chantix.

Ed said...

What a fantastically irrelevant point! It may be that Crestor will be more easily avialable to people on low incomes, but you can be assured that HUGE volumes of the stuff will find their way out of the country, and probably creat shortages for Indian people