Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pfizer: Dangers of buying drugs online

I came across this ad via "Adfreak" blog. The ad, seemingly sponsored by Pfizer, aims to detail the possible dangers of buying prescription drugs online (which may be fakes), rather than from authorised licensed pharmacists. It's better if I don't ruin the fun for you, but lets just say it involves a rat and a mouth.


Manuel said...

that doesn't make much sense. surely the kind people from the illegal websites want your recurring business? coughing up rats would lead me to another supplier

ed said...

Well it makes perfect sense, and in the US this is exactly how counterfeit phara products are getting into the supply chain. It may be that they are not out and out intending on introducing counterfeits into the market, but evern with the (legal) parallel importers in Ireland they have problems getting continous supply from legit sources, so if pushed, and there was light regulation they would go for whatever.

Also what Pfizer et al are trying to do here is get you to buy their products in domestic markets, esp in countries like Ireland and England where they are getting a much higher price for the products.

ed said...

"The study is by the Irish Patients' Association, based in Dublin, Ireland, and examines the worldwide trend toward the sale and purchase of prescription and non-prescription drugs over the Internet.

According to the study, prescription medicines commonly sold online, like Viagra, could be counterfeit, and, consequently, offer little or no redeeming benefit for an ailing person. In some instances, the fakes may pose a major danger to public health, the study said.

Global Crisis
The report, "Counterfeit Drugs: Towards an Irish Response to a Global Crisis," was produced for the IPA by Dublin City University. It warns that patients anywhere "can die from one click of your mouse, when you purchase medicines from unregulated Internet drug stores."

Manuel said...

I think at this point in time it's important to note that my earlier comment was a joke. Therefore long winded explanations may not be required. Terms and conditions apply.

ed said...

Yep, I will sign you up for sarcasm classes, I will be the lecturer and the fees are €11,500 p.a. PAY UP!