Monday, April 27, 2009

Google Reader

I have recently had my life ruined, that's right ruined. A previous problem I had with spending too much of my life reading blogs was recently made much much worse - I discovered "Google Reader".
I suppose that on balance I am now reading so much great stuff every day that it would be unfair to say that Google reader has ruined my life, but it has certainly made me more addicted to reading blogs than ever.

The concept is fairly simple, the reader allows you to subscribe to your favorite (or most hated) blogs and then have the new articles from these blogs sent to your Google reader account. This means that seeing as you don't have to click around to many different blogs you A) Save alot of time and B) gain the ability to read a much greater volume of material.

I have gone from reading about 10 blogs regularly to about 50 now, and as soon as any of these blogs post new material Google reader will highlight which blog it is and how many unread pieces they have put up... Wonderful stuff.

Sign up to Google Reader @ and you too can have your life ruined (in a good way)

1 comment:

KEVIN said...

Nice find. It's like twitter but with full blog posts. I like it.