Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Problem with TV advertising

Back in “the day” things were easier, marketing being one of them. It used to be that you paid the big bad tv broadcaster a whole load of cash, they broadcast your message between the scheduled programming, and then…. You sold units and made yourself a bit of money to buy nice things with etc.
The population back then thought “surely any product on this new “television” is superior”, right? Well that was the golden era of when “as seen on TV” made a difference, and people sat at their seats like they were supposed to, and watched your ads.
The problem is, people aren’t playing by the rules anymore, in fact, they are stomping all over them.

Example 1: Take the average household as an example, the ads come on, “oh time
to make tea”, go potty, etc,

So while Procter and Gamble throw millions of dollars at you across the screen to buy their latest product, you remain gleefully unaware of this, and you genuinely don’t care.

Another more worrying problem TV advertisers face is, young people aren’t watching enough TV! Recent surveys carried out at Harris Interactive show that it lags behind internet usage and the trend is only set to continue.

Example 2: Young teen, residing in Sandycove(Dublin), Spends most of his media
time online, Doesn’t watch ANY television, and the shows that he does watch are
taken from online bit torrent sites, which have the advertising breaks taken out
of them

The advertiser can think up the most elaborate campaign to put in between two popular tv shows, and pay the stations the big bucks, but to that individual and many like him, their product is INVISIBLE, they don’t matter, they don’t exist.

So what are the implications for the media? Well if the adverts aren’t working, companies will stop using them, that means no revenue for television stations and in turn no finance for program production. One of the suggested methods that advertising could be conducted is on screen “bugs” that appear in the corner of the screen throughout the broadcast, much like the station logo on most stations, but this time with messages from advertisers. Oh and don’t forget good old product placement!
So the gauntlet has been thrown down, as more and more people move online, and ignore the big box in the corner, the challenge to reach the people and make them play by the rules again begins here.

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zaynab said...

soo true..why bother watching tv when u can watch the show online without interuptions? 'bugs' at the bottom of the screen would be hugely annoying though..