Monday, March 19, 2007

Sicc 2007 - summary

Well the results are in and unfortunatly team ucd didnt place in the top 3, so we were down there with the rest of the bottom feeders! Team hong Kong came out the winners and i must say it was entirely deserved, and they really have a much greater grasp of finance than most.
However although we did not win the competition, i really must say this has been one of the most exciting and important experiences of my tiny little life..

  1. I have learnt how great Canada is. I have yet to meet an unfriendly Canadian, from the airplane to the taxi to the hotel, conference, nights out and everything in between, i have be truley humbled by the politness and hospitality of the Canadian people, to make things weirder im told that the toronto area is considered the least friendly part of the country.... the mind boggles
  2. I have made so many new friends both Canadian and Otherwise in the last week, that i will have friends to visit all over the world for a long time to come, mixing with all the different cultures on the nights out was amazing and, i even got to try out some of my spanish..didnt work tho.
  3. Things 3500 miles away can be very similar, despite having flown for about 10 hrs, things over here are essentially the same. few differences tho... the roads are the wrong way around, resulting in near death several times, the choc bars have stuuuupid names like "oh henry", everything is slightly bigger such as cars, drinks, food in general.

Some things i hadnt done before canada.

  • flown over ice berg filled ocean
  • been to north america
  • been made into a cult hero on paddys night
  • seen people drink at 8AM on paddys day
  • been to a cowboy bar
  • had such a great time

Off to New york tommoro......ohhh yeh


John Doyle said...

Good stuff Ed - seems like you had a great time!

Macka said...

hurrah, sounds good Ed, told ya Canadia is class!