Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Canada EH?

  1. emptying pockets and checking thru security 3 times in a day is annoying
  2. flying on Air Canada is a true pleasure, customer servie = amazing
  3. Heathrow sucks
  4. Toronto airport sucks
  5. Flying over the icy bit of the atlantic is cool
  6. There are no real shopping street, they are all in malls out of town (poo to that)
  7. There are sweet cars here (pontic and lincolns)
  8. Delta Armouries hotel is sweet


Macka said...

Ed, dunno if you seen this this but you guys were on the UCD homepage for a while (and by a while, I mean today), hurrah!

Mark Dowling said...

if you want to get a funny look from a native tell 'em what you said about Air Canada :)