Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden really is a pretty cool place, i have never been in a place that held sooo many pissed off New Yorkers. The game was pretty great until half time, and then the Mavs pulled away and essentially whomped the Knicks with a Texan hammer.
Me and Enda started up in the nosebleeds at the very top of the arena, but at half time launched a bit of an assault on the lower seats. We took some back stairs down to the lower section and walked around frantically looking for seats, we tried one place but the guy sitting near the seats said "hey guys i used to do this too when i was a kid..better luck next time"....oh noooo, so we kept walking and found some seats ridiculously close to the court in the second section so about 12 rows back. But then the rightful seat owners came back after about 5 mins and we got escorted out of the fancy area by security...yay. Back to the cheap seats for us. then near the end we sneaked back down to the good seats again because all the LOYAL New Yorkers decided to leave. Don't know if the pics can convey it, but it was sooooo sweeet.
Seeing a NY Rangers game tonight....gooooo hockey

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