Sunday, March 11, 2007

3 things I learned this week

Every time you and I get a flight we invariably get the big… long… spiel about how "in the event of an emergency" should we crash into the ocean we should make our ways to the escape funnels in a calm organised manner AND THEN and only then, you may open your flotation device. A little known fact is that in as long as records have been kept on flights, there have been a grand total of ZERO successful landings by wide bodied aircraft on water...stop wasting my time air hostess OR ELSE

In Korea over 30% of the under 18 population are registered for online games. In the same country a month ago, a 28 year old man dropped dead from playing computer for 60 hours non stop, having died of exhaustion, (he was also severely obese)

On the Argos Ireland website, you CANNOT find TVs or Cameras, however you CAN find television brackets and speakers, and a case for your camera. I cannot see the point of having on online shop that excludes a large section of its high revenue stock willingly.

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