Thursday, May 7, 2009 - a website you will like is one of my favorite websites, and is a great source of information and insipration for anyone looking to gain new ideas about how to present information in the form of powerpoint slides. I usually describe it as "like youtube, but for presentations". The site really is cooler than I make it sound, trust me.

I have had the distinct pleasure of being included on the frontpage of the website on previous occasions, and now the good folks at the website have decided that my "Slide makeover of a slide makeover" should also feature on the frontpage for a while, I am convinced that I must have some sort of unkown insider at the website.

However this time, seeing as I am actively critising someone elses work I am expecting that he might get in contact with me and we will have to have a powerpoint duel... Nerdyness of new proportions!!!

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