Friday, May 8, 2009

Ryanair, being nice... not really though

I read on the "Value Ireland" blog about a very cunning little plan that the chaps at Ryanair have thought of regarding flights to Scotland this coming weekend which are very much in demand from Leinster Rugby supporters wanting to go see the Heineken cup final.

It would seem that to those Munster supporters that had bought flights in advance - seemingly in the assumption that their team would be in the finals - are being offered a refund of up to €100. Now at first glance this seems like a pretty nice gesture by Ryanair, because it is usually more Ryanair's style to tell you to fupp off.

Upon closer inspection you can see that this is not really ALL about the press they might gain from the stunt. According to the Ryanair website "All seats are now available for just €349 return between Dublin and Edinburgh and €199 return between Dublin and Glasgow (Prestwick)." A great example of supply and demand in action here, €249 extra revenue anyone?
Smart stuff.


Andy Mcfarlane said...

Also on their site;
'*Refund amounts exclude discretionary fees such as checked bag fees, priority boarding etc.'
So that'll be a refund of about 2 cent then...

Ed said...

Ha! that makes the whole affair even more hilarious than before!
Ah Mr. O'Leary what will he think of next