Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rather silly confessions of a Sales Rep

By way of Peter Rost's blog I came across an interview piece with a rather charming contestant off the hit US tv series "Survivor" pictured above. The person in question is Corinne Kaplan, who prior to the show was, according to her LinkedIn profile a "Senior Executive Sales Rep " for GSK. Her profile also states that "My goal is to excel at a challenging senior level sales position"

However I would imagine that the follow information might make future employers a little less likely to hire her.

According to the ex-sorority girl she is ultra competitive and admits with glee "I have no moral compass." But wait, her admissions become even more comical - "Selling drugs is a lie" she said, adding "I sold Vioxx for Merck before it got taken off the market for killing people. I knew damn well it was dangerous; I went around telling them to write it. There’s a lot of serious lying I’ve done in my life"

"It’s not for me to say. … Don’t listen to me. Read your fucking journals. Why the fuck are you listening to your rep? Just because I’m pretty? You think I know more about the drug? No."
..What a charming young lady... and to be fair she has a point, the doctors should not trust every attractive rep that marches into their practice, HOWEVER, if reps are going to start telling the doctors that there is essentially no point in seeing them, and insist on telling them to "read your fucking journals" they might find themselves being banned from seeing certain doctors (I think this happens quite regularly - certain doctors refuse to see reps altogether).

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