Monday, October 8, 2007

Clarkson on Space

Jeremy Clarkson, the BBC presenter wrote an outrageously funny piece for the Sunday Times magazine about space and the 50 year anniversary of mans entry into the cosmos, in the form of the Russian satellite “sputnik.”

He puts the size of space into perspective with:
"If we'd put a 20 year old man on the Voyager, he’d now be 50 and he'd still be in our own solar system. By the time he reached our next door neighbours, he'd be about 6 thousand million billion. Or, to put it another way, dead"

And reminds us of the technological benefits gained by wars:
"The word's first electronic computer was built at Bletchley Park not so some spotty youth could spend his afternoon shooting his mates in the face but to crack German codes. Jet planes were built not so you could go to Tenerife but because Germany needed a faster fighter" "When Russia launched Sputnik 50 years ago, it was nothing more than a small radio, but the beeps it transmitted, when translated, told the listening world "This is Russia and we'd like you all to know that our German scientists are a hell of a lot better than Americas German scientists, or in English "You're going home in a f**king ambulance""

Truly brilliant stuff.

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