Wednesday, October 17, 2007

21 today... 7670 days and counting

Well despite the fact I decided to be born 9 weeks early and weigh a rather pathetic 3lbs (Never did like doing it the easy way, for idea of how small I was please see pic above, not actually me but same siz baby hand) I appear to have made it to a ripe old age of 21. According to my mathematical skills, taking into account leap years, I have lived 7670 days, doesn't sound like much have to say.
Being 21 has countless benefits

  • Being able to drink in the US...
  • Being older than 20 year olds

Thats about it to be honest, but still sounds good. All gifts and monetary donations (large only) can be sent directly to my house

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jedimasterbooboo said...

You forgot gambling in Vegas...not that I condone it...but my brother and sister live there, so let me know if you ever decide to go!