Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tales from the road

Well its been a along time since I last posted anything on this little blog of mine but I thought it was about time that I broke the silence with a tale from my new job.

The last week and a bit has been spent on the road around Ireland attending various meetings and more recently interviewing pharmacists about how they view the wholesaler service etc. For these interviews I tag along with a Sales rep who visits the doctors in the area, and I go and visit the pharmacies nearby.

One of the more interesting places I visited last week was a small town called Ballyduff, Kerry. We pulled in on Monday morning at 11am, having finished my pharmacy call I had to wait around for my colleague who was going to be taking a good bit longer. Scanning around the village I saw a nice friendly looking pub and decided I'd pop in for a nice cup of coffee. I walked up to the door, opened it and was slightly shocked... to say the least. It seems that Monday mornings are fair game for drinking down in Ballyduff, and it seemed that the drinking session of the century was in full swing. People were drinking, shouting and about to start fighting... it really was quite an impressive sight. Upon my opening of the door, the place fell silent, and literally everyone stopped what they were doing and looked over at me, in my suit and tie, looking distinctly out of place. In return I looked around the bar slowly in a state of semi horror, gave a little wave and left...

Just goes to show you, what might be normal where you live - not drinking at 11am - may be the norm elsewhere, also, don't go to Ballyduff in a suit.

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